7 Best 2×2 Speed Cube Reviews [2024 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

The 2×2 speedcubes are really fun to solve and thanks to their simple design, it is not that difficult to construct a proper one.

In this buying guide, I will take you through what makes a best 2×2 cube and will cover the best options you can get today.

Even if they are not as demanding as speedcubes of higher dimensions, there are still 2×2 cubes on the market which are far from good because not all manufacturers have your best cubing experience in mind.

The 2×2 cubes have far faster solving times than 3×3 cubes or those of higher dimensions so you will want your 2×2 speedcube to be of high quality so that you can actually get those fast times.

You don’t want your 2x2x2 to get stuck or worse popup.

In this guide below, I will go through the most important characteristics that you should keep in mind when choosing your 2×2 speedcube.

The most important characteristics:

These characteristics will have the largest impact on your cubing experience with 2×2 cubes. If you are an experienced cuber, then you probably know these as they are similar to those on 3×3 speed cubes.

But please, if you are going to read anything other than the best 2×2 speedcubes reviews below, then I highly advise you to read this part of the buying guide.

Turning style:

Speedcubes in general can be separated into two categories when it comes to turning style.

Fast turning or smooth turning speedcubes.

Fast ones are optimized for speed and they have little friction between their layers which makes them extremely fast. But on another hand, the lack of friction leads to the lack of control and this can result in overshooting.

But since this cube has only 8 cubies, the danger of overshooting and messing up the layers because of lack of friction between them is far smaller than when compared with speedcubes like 3×3, 4×4 and so on.

Smooth turning cubes are meant to give you more control and reduce the overshooting. They have more contact between the layers which gives them that smooth feeling when layers are gliding one over another. But the additional friction slows it down.

You may be wondering which is better

The truth is that there is no better between the two.

In most cases, you will look for a good ratio of speed and smoothness. In the 2×2 case, it is usually better to go with more speed because they are harder to mess up and more fun to speed solve.

In the end, you have to decide what kind of 2×2 cube you will like. The one with more speed or the one with a more smooth and controlled experience.

But you should know that not all fast cubes are good and not all smooth cubes are good either.

The fast turning 2×2 speed cube is not good if the cube does not have any control at all because it will be frustrating to try and control the layers who are simply flying around.

On another hand, properly designed fast 2×2 speedcube will give you great speed with enough control for you to perform the algorithms.

The bad smooth turning 2×2 cube is too hard to turn and will get you tired and will beat the purpose of control by not giving you any speed.

While the quality smooth turning 2×2 speed cube will give you great control with the smallest loss of speed as possible.

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting is the cubes ability to make a turn even if the vertical face is not completely aligned and it is going to make or break your experience with 2×2 speedcubes.

You definitely don’t want your 2×2 rubik’s cube to have poor corner cutting because the individual cubies on 2×2 are quite big when compared to 3×3 for an example. This means that if the cube doesn’t have good corner cutting it will need more precision to make an unaligned turn because the surface area between the two cubies that need to align is bigger.

And using those stiff, old 2×2 rubik’s cubes is very frustrating. It even hurts to watch someone do it, not to mention doing it yourself.

Luckily for us, there are 2×2 speedcubes which have awesome corner cutting because of their simplicity of the design. You will want a 2×2 puzzle with proper corner cutting if you wish a stress free speedsolving.

Corner cutting is only good if you don’t feel it while speedsolving. It is not supposed to interrupt your algorithm execution or get your cube stuck. If you wish to experience the full potential of 2×2 speed cubes then proper corner cutting is a must.

2×2 Speedcube Stability

Your speedcubes stability will dictate how flexible is it, does it deform and most importantly its pop up resistance.

You shouldn’t really experience popups with modern 2×2 speedcubes but if you are a very rough speed cuber than you may experience a case here and there.

Secondary characteristics:

These characteristics will influence your cubing experience but on a smaller scale when compared to the ones above. However, you should still read about them and understand them.


The best 2×2 speedcube for you will also depend on its size.

The 2×2 cubes are the smallest there are when it comes to layers count but they range in their dimensions and the typical sizes are 55mm, 50mm and 46mm sizes. (3×3 Speedcubes range from 57mm to 42mm).

Depending on what you are used to from other speedcubes and your hand’s size you should decide on the size of your 2×2.

My main 2×2 puzzle is 50mm one and I find that to be the best size for me. My main 3×3 is 55mm and you can use that as a reference but that is me and is not necessarily going to work for you.

Stickered or Stickerless 2×2 cube?

This, of course, comes down to personal preference but it is something you should think about.

Stickered speedcubes have their advantage of customization because you can replace the color and the shade of the stickers if they are too bright or too dim for you. But they can peel and scratch so depending on how often you cube you will need to replace them at some point.

Stickers on cubes are made in shades ranging from half bright shades to full bright shades.

Stickerless cubes do not peel and chip because their plastic is colored and you won’t need to replace anything, but if you somehow make a scratch over the surface of the cube you will not be able to fix this or at least not in any simple way.

Stickerless cubes have a slight advantage when it comes to color recognition in the speed of the moment because the colored surface area is a bit bigger when compared to stickered cubes or at least this is something I have noticed from my personal experience. But this “advantage” is so small that it shouldn’t be the only reason you opt for a stickerless 2×2 speedcube.

Best 2×2 Speed Cubes Reviews

The 2×2 cubes below are currently the best on the market and any of them will be a great choice but you should read about them and see which one fits you the most.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced speed cuber you will do great with the choices below. Pick your sweet little 2×2 and don’t stop until you set the new world record!

Also, I would like to be transparent with you and tell you that I may earn a small commission if you get a cube through the affiliate links below. This helps me to keep the site running and it doesn’t in any way influence which cubes I recommend. These are the best speed cubes you can get today in my opinion.

I recommend getting your cube at TheCubicle (cubes linked below). They are the biggest US-based puzzle shop led by actual speedcubers. You will get the best possible experience. They are trusted and loved by the cubers around the world. Oh, and most cubes there are cheaper than on big retail sites.

1. VALK 2 M 2×2

Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Valk is a well known brand in the cubing world. They made some of the best puzzles that ever hit the shelves. The Valk 2 M belongs in their iconic series that can easily dominate the top ranks for a long time.

The Valk 2 M is the best 2×2 cube you can get today in my opinion. This is quite subjective so make sure you check out other options below too.

This cube has excellent control thanks to its innovative magnet layout inside the puzzle. Magnets are resembling the 3×3 cube-like positioning being placed in corners and edges. Thanks to this the puzzle has great stability and control to it.

It is a very fast 2×2 too. Some people might even find it too fast but nothing that a bit of dense lube wouldn’t solve.

This cube is not going to pop on you. The corner cutting is great and speedcubing experience overall is fantastic.

2. YJ MGC Elite M 2X2

Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is a great 2×2 cube and it comes from a well known brand in the cubing world.

Now some people would definitely place this cube on the number one spot. It really depends on what you like.

The YJ released their Elite line of cubes recently and the 2×2 format did really well (well, all of them did).

This 2×2 cube has a unique magnet positioning inside the cube that gives you a really special feel when turning. But it is not about the feel as much as is about the good control to speed ratio. And this one is definitely controllable when speedsolving.

The magnets stand somewhere in the middle when it comes to their strength but their design helps the layers really click well in their place giving you excellent control.

This cube feels really smooth and has an enjoyable clicky sound to it. The corner cutting is amazing and it is on par with the best 2×2 cubes like the Valk 2 M. It will provide you with an excellent fast cubing experience.

3. Gan 249 V2 2×2

Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is a new 2×2 cube from Gan and I decided to include it in this review because I think it is one of the great options and especially for beginners because of its amazing control.

This 2×2 will provide you with speed and a lot of control. The smoothness is amazing and the feel of this speedcube is quite unique.

Corner cutting of this cube is quite good at almost full 45 degrees while the pops should not happen unless you get too rough with it.

The most unique thing about this one is its smooth feel and the matte finish of the plastic.

Overall this is a great 2×2 speedcube but it will work best in the beginner’s hands because it will provide you with the best control so you should not experience any overshooting.

4. YJ MGC 2X2

Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The YJ MGC is the best value 2×2 speed cube. You will squeeze every cent of value out of this cube. It is not expensive but it is on par with the quality cubes like the MoYu WeiPo if not better and it also comes close to the above mentioned YJ Elite.

Don’t get it confused with the elite version. They are not the same. This 2×2 cube was released in 2018 as the first 2×2 from YJ while the Elite 2×2 is a part of the Elite series by YJ that was released in 2020.

This cube has great speed with a beautiful smooth feel to it providing you with enough control. I especially like how layers can lock in their position which adds to the control of the cube.

If you are looking for something cheaper but with excellent performance then I believe that this one will be your choice.

Unfortunately, not everything can be great about it as this puzzle is known for easy corner twists. This can be very frustrating for some people.

5. Moyu WeiPo World Record Edition

Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The WeiPo is the best 2×2 speedcube from Moyu and it is one of the best 2×2 cubes in general.

When it comes to performance it is very similar to the DaYan if not even better but this is rather a subjective thing.

Moyu WeiPo is going to give you great speeds with a smooth touch providing you with enough control. But the thing that other cubers and I love the most is its unparalleled corner cutting. The WeiPo will easily corner cut even when going above 45 degrees with the top layer.

You should not expect any frequent pops on this 2×2 but they can happen in some cases.

This is an all rounder best 2×2 you can get today because it combines both lighting speeds and reliability. WeiPo will not need any adjustments right out of the box or at least not in most cases. After you break it in you should lube it accordingly but be aware this one eats lube for breakfast.


Last update on 2024-05-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is one of the best budget 2×2 rubik’s cubes that you can buy today. It is cheap, magnetic and overall pretty good.

Not without its faults but I think that you wont’t find a better price to quality ratio 2×2 cube out there. This is a fairly new 2×2 speedcube from YJ and it is the best budget 2×2 cube I have ever used.

The YJ YuPo 2×2 is a magnetic cube that has pretty strong magnets that give you pretty good control but with a side of clunkiness. Not something everyone will like. If you are a beginner you won’t even notice this, however.

The corner twists are a problem again. They happen and especially if you are speed solving without paying much attention. Sure you can tension the cube but you will need to apply a lot of tensioning and then you will reduce the corner cutting ability which is very good but without tensioning.

So yeah it takes a bit of work to get it right with this one but for the money, it can’t be beaten. However, it is on very rare occasions that it will throw you off balance and break your algorithm execution.

7. The DaYan 2×2

This 2×2 speedcube was used to set the world records for both, the single and the average solve.

The DaYan is widely appreciated in the speedcubing community and for a good reason. This speedcube offers blazing fast speeds, followed by proper control and amazing corner and reverse corner cutting.

This is definitely one of the best 2×2 cubes ever made and this is further proven by being the 2×2 used by a lot of speed cubers today. But keep in mind that this is an old cube. Something like an oldtimer. Still very good and righteously sits among the best but all of the above are better than it by today’s standards.

The DaYan has a quiet touch to it and is not clicky so if you need a quiet 2×2 for classes or work it is also a good choice. (Not that I encourage you to speedcube during your duties or anything like that).

When it comes to popping this one takes a fall because it is known to happen. Not very often and definitely depending on how rough you are but pops can happen.

Are you also looking for 3×3 speed cubes?

In case you are also interested in 3×3 cubes, I made this huge guide covering how to choose one for you and the reviews of the best models available today. If you are interested in checking out the best 3X3 speed cubes click here to go to their reviews.


If you are still not sure which 2×2 is best for you then think about your experiences with other speedcubes if you have any and then try to decide which of these could work.

But if you are a beginner then I highly suggest either the Gan or the QiDi. Others will do you great as well, but these are more orientated to beginners.

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  1. Excellent read really! I dont see people put up much effort in describing so carefully what to look for with these puzzles.
    I bought Gan 249 just because of its looks, colors and the feel, also its tiles are so unique and I love them but the DaYan is much better when it is properly tensioned and broken in. I also think that the DaYan would be better if I replace its springs but that will be a project for the future. The Gan 249 is amazing too but I just get a bit better speeds with DaYan so I use gan only because I REALLY love how it feels in the hands. Overall I am happy with these two for my 2×2 and its a birthday money well spent ????

  2. I had Xinghen from MoYu for a long time and as much as I loved it it never really felt good for me (but my friend loved it and still does so I guess its just me).
    I think that I will go with the WeiPo because that cube sounds exactly like what I want. Thanks for writing this


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