17 Best D&D Dice And Cool Dice Sets Reviews [2024]

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Having a proper dice set will greatly improve your Dungeons and Dragons experience and in this guide I am going to share everything I know about choosing the best D&D dice set.

So, why does having the best dice matters so much?

Well, think of it as a tool you need in order to play the game. You want your dice to be reliable, of great quality and to match your style (depending on how immersive you are).

Most players don’t give much thought to buying their dice until they get dragged deeper and deeper into the depths of the dungeons (pun intended). It is only after people get really into the DnD that they will start thinking about their dice.

Well, I am here to share with you my experience with dice sets and help you not to waste your money, time and playing experience.

You are going to buy your dice set anyway so why not get the one that’s best for you?

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How To Choose Your D&D Dice And Rpg Dice Sets

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There is a lot of personal preference when acquiring the dice but there are still certain things which are important for all dice sets.

We all have our favorite sets and some of us use different sets with different character builds or even for using specific spells. For an example when I cast my exploding red ball spell, I like to take a flaming red die to do it.

You can make all kinds of crazy combinations with them and that’s why there is a lot of personal preference.

But what happens after you like a set for its appearance?

Then you need to make sure that all of the other characteristics are met as well so that you know what you are getting.

In the buying guide below I will write about the various characteristics and I encourage you to read it before reading the individual set reviews.

Primary Characteristics

These are the most important characteristics that will make all the difference.

If you are going to read any part of this buying guide before reading the reviews then please read this one.

Ready? Alright, here we go. Let’s dive into what makes a good dice set and find the right one for you.

Dice Fairness

A dice is fair if there is an equal chance of it landing on each of its faces. In order for this to be the case all of the faces need to be exactly the same size while the center of gravity needs to be perfect.

Why are fair dice important?

Because you want the die to return the random results. It can be problematic if the die keeps giving one specific result and it could ruin the mood of the players.

When it comes to the geometry of the fairness of polyhedral dice then there are some additional rules that make them fair.

  1. Each of the faces need to be equal in size
  2. Die has to have the same number of vertices

In mathematics, there are just five polyhedrons which can be considered “fair” for dice using the two rules stated above. The shapes are tetrahedron, cube, octahedron dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

Now does that mean that other shaped dice are not fair?

No. While there are many experts and theorists talking about this it still doesn’t mean that using other shaped dice for the table top games will yield unfair results. If that were the case, people just wouldn’t use D20 or above.

Most players will never notice any of this as long as their d&d dice sets are well balanced and don’t have any manufacturing flaw.

The accuracy of the Dice

The accuracy is closely related to the fairness. The accuracy or lack of it, is what’s going to make it fair or not. The accuracy and fairness have to be understood separately since they are not the same but are essentially responsible for having the truly random dice. Or at least as close to it as it is humanly possible to make.

When I talk about the accuracy I am talking about the manufacturing.

In order for the dice to be fair, it has to have equal size measurements of every edge, face and angle. Every mistake here will make it more biased.

Weight here is the biggest problem. An accurate and fair dice will have equal weight on every side but this is hard to accomplish if the dice has engravings on it and of course because the numbers are not the same on each side.

Take D6 for an example. The number six is opposite of the number one which means that the face with the number six has six holes while the face with a number one has one hole. Even if you fill those holes with some material it will still not be equal in weight.

There are ways the quality manufacturers are solving such problems and those really shouldn’t concern you.  What matters is that the dice have to be equal with the dimensions and weight.

Here is a great video showing you how to check if your dice has some sort of an imbalance and if it is biased to land on a specific number:

Will buying the fair and accurate set solve this problem indefinitely?

No. Because no dice is safe from deteriorating and becoming biased but in order for your dice to become unusable you will need to make thousands of rolls. Chances are that if you buy a proper set it will last you for years depending on how often you play DnD. Especially if you use multiple sets like I do and then the wear gets distributed amongst them and they do last a very long time.

Still, the cracks are going to happen and your dice will chip eventually and this will affect the accuracy but this doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new set as soon as the first scratch appears. Just keep in mind that this will affect the randomness and trust your gut so that you replace your dice when you feel like it is time for a new set.

Material: Metal Vs Plastic Dice

Choosing the material for your D&D dice set will make a lot of difference. Material choice can be considered personal preference but it also affects the dice in many ways.

While there are so many DnD players who love and swear to their metal dice they still have their flaws. Plastic ones are no different as they have their advantages and disadvantages.

Accuracy and durability

When it comes to their fairness and accuracy the metal dice are the way to go because they are heavier and have more uniform faces. Their centers of gravity are also more centered and the metal dice does not wear easily at all.

The metal dice are way harder than the polymers used to make plastic ones.

Pro tip:
Always carry your metal dice in a separate case or a bag from the plastic ones in order to protect the plastic dice from scratches.


Thanks to their weight the metal dice are way more satisfying to roll but on another hand, they require a surface which cannot be damaged by them.

Plastic dice on another hand will not damage any surface like wood or glass but will jump uncontrollably over the hard surfaces because they are lightweight.


This is a personal preference but should be taken into the account when considering your d&d dice set material. While most people like to show off with the sleek metal dice designs and carry them in their dedicated cases this doesn’t make those from plastic any less attractive. As long as you follow what works for you everything is going to be okay.

So which material is better?

There really is no better. They both have their pros and cons.

I like having metal and plastic sets because they both have their uses. Sometimes when I play a DnD session with my friends in a local bar I bring my plastic dice because they will not damage their wooden tables or make much noise but I have to be careful as I don’t want the dice bouncing over the floors. Other times I bring my metal ones if we are going somewhere where the surface area is not a problem or if I bring the folding dice tray.

Pro tip for absolute beginners:
If you are new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons then you should go with the set that feels right for you after reading this article but as time goes by you will get another set of different material as well for different purposes.

Secondary Characteristics

Image of hand holding a dice set

These characteristics are important too and are related to those above. I am going to encourage you to go through them as well.

The best d&d dice set should provide you with the excellent experience overall and not just be accurately made and have a high degree of randomness.

Build Quality

It is not just accuracy and fairness that will suffer if the build quality sucks.

You do not want your set to feel cheap and you definitely don’t want it to show signs of wear and tear sooner than it has to. This comes down to the materials used and the best ones are hard metals, resins and high-impact plastics.


You don’t want a set of dice which creates confusion over the number it lands on because that may start arguments and if that happens often then it can degrade the atmosphere of the game.

Now this depends from the temperament of you and your friends but it is best to have a readable dice which will not create any unnecessary confusion. You are there to enjoy your magical world and not to discuss which number is that on the die face.

Big and easy to read numbers with the good contrast is what you should look for. Also it is probably best to avoid those that have way too oddly shaped numbers. Using fantasy like font is fun but as long as it doesn’t create confusion. It has to be clear what number is it.


I love playing with the designs with my sets. Some of the best d&d dice sets are those that have taken the immersion in the account.

Now, this also has a personal and the more real side to it. I know that you are able to spot the dice that will go with your characters or with your style but there are certain things which you should know.

Multicolored options are more likely to be less accurate because of the different color of the plastics that were used in the process. It is best to stick with the solid color, translucent, painted or the solid metal dice but keep in mind that those that were painted will lose the paint sooner or later.

Still having said that you should try dice that attract you if you are willing to experiment but as a general rule those described above are the safest choice.

Some Additional Things To Think About

Carrying Case Vs. Pouch

When choosing your dnd dice you should think about how would you like to transport them.

While carrying case is a bit more stylish and allows for more immersion it is a bit more difficult to be carried around depending on the case.

The simple pouch is easier to transport as it can fit in pocket but the dice are scrambling inside so they are more likely to end up with scratches.

It is hard to conclude which of these two is a better option. I like the case option better because they usually have designated spot for each die and that way your dice are protected from wear and tear during the transport while those in the pouch will degrade even if you are not playing.


Budget is a thing you should also think about but luckily for us even the best dice sets are not crazy expensive.

The good thing about the selection is that if you know what to look for you will find great quality dice in different price ranges. Cheaper ones tend to be the plastic dice but the ones selected below are all very good so depending on what you need and your budget you should be able to find the one!

Top 17 Best D&D Dice in 2024 Reviews

Alright! If you have read everything above then you are now officially a dice master!

Now lets find a best dice set for you!

I have separated the sets below based on their looks and quantity so that it is easier for you to go through them and check them out.

1. Cirrus Edge – Sharp Edged Dice Set

These are some of the best dice sets you can get today. They have a fantastic color paired with sharp edges that make them just look extra premium and as the best dice on the table.

They are a perfect choice for any character that is related to wind, water, ice or for heroic builds like paladins and warriors. Or you could use them just because they are so good looking. Impossible to go wrong with these.

These dice are durable, readable and beautiful. You will love them and they will definitely be a good choice.

2. Bardic Inspiration – Canabis-themed dice set

The Bardic inspiration is definitely one of the most unique dice sets you can get today. It has a beautiful color with the canabi leaf theme to it.

This dice set is definitely one of my favorites because of its beautiful minimal yet strong looks.

This d&d dice set is great to roll while the readability is excellent. The numbers have a perfect contrast with the color of the die itself.

These are exclusively available on the Awesome Dice website. They represent a great choice for any earth character builds, druids, nature-related spells and etc. On top of that, they are quite popular just because of their cool theme. Rolling these on the table will attract everyone’s attention!

3. Q Workshop Metal Dwarven 7

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This is one of the best metal dice sets. They are made from solid metal and are of high quality. This set is durable and will not wear or scratch easily.

I love their looks and the design and depending on your character you might too but what really matters here is that despite their looks the numbers are highly readable and this separates them from the other options with themed fonts.

This metal set is heavy and I would recommend rolling these either in a dice tray or over some hard surface.

4. Paladin Roleplaying Silver Metal Dice – Full Polyhedral Set by Paladin Roleplaying

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Paladin Roleplaying is a small family company and I love their dedication to making dice. I loved these metal dice from them the best but they also have multiple other options too.

Like the set above, these metal dice have the sleek simple yet powerful metal look to them. They have a beautiful silver finish but since it is colored it may chip somewhere during the use. However since these dice are made with high quality that shouldn’t happen and the Paladin Roleplaying offers 1 year of warranty. Their customer service is outstanding so you shouldn’t have any problem with them.

These dice are also very accurate and will provide you with maximum randomness.

5. Metal Polyhedral by Forged Dice Co.

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These are easily one of the best rpg dice when you take everything in the account. The Forged Dice Co is dedicated to making dice alone and they do a pretty good job at it.

I love these because of their different color options and their high degree of accuracy.

They come in many different color options which you can check out. I am sure that you will find at least one which is good for your character.

They are made from solid metal using the strong aluminum-zinc alloy. They are not painted but brushed. Only the engraved numbers have paint in them in some of their designs. I also love the look of raw metal that many design options have.

6. Cthulhu’s Gold Solid Metal Polyhedral D&D Dice Set with Case by Darksilver Forge

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This is also one of the best metal dice sets which I love using. They are made from the Zinc alloy and have a golden matte finish which also makes it one of the cool d&d dice which I would recommend to anyone. The color will not chip or scratch and they are overall of great build quality.

They come with a simple case with their logo but the case is there mostly to keep the dice from unnecessary wear.

The readability is excellent. The black bold sharp numbers have a great contrast with the matte gold dice color.

These are manufactured with a great degree of accuracy and will provide you with unbiased results.

7. Zinc Alloy Metal Polyhedral Dice by Haxtec

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This is also one of the good metal sets and its looks are something that will attract certain people for the character builds but the looks come with the price.

Since this is a painted finish, although pretty high quality, it will chip a little at some point.

The font is great by my opinion but because of the reflective blue color it can get a bit hard to read at certain conditions. If the light is directly above the table for an example. Depending on the lighting condition the blue color may reflect a bit too much and reduce the readability.

The accuracy is pretty good and these do not give biased results.

8. Polyhedral 7-Die Scarab Dice – Jade with Gold by Chessex

Chessex is easily of the most recognizable names in the world of dice. They have been making them for the purposes of role playing games for a long time and have perfected their craft.

They have a very high degree of accuracy and will provide you with random results.

These are the scarab dice made of plastic to mimic the jade with gold. They look very nice and will go great with nature or druid type builds.

The readability is very good but I would like it if it was a bit better. Still in a fairly well illuminated room you will be able to see all of the numbers.

The build quality is good and you will not get signs of wear and tear easily.

9. Opaque Black with White – Chessex

This is one of the best d&d dice if you are looking for something classical and not too fancy. Still their simple black color can be used for certain spells or builds!

These are manufactured with great care and are very accurate so that the rolls will be random.

The biggest advantage these have are their easy to read numbers. Nothing fancy here just pure and simple readability. These are great for people who have weaker eyesight and if you are playing in a less illuminated areas.

The material is quite sturdy and these will not wear easily.

10. Elven Translucent Blue by Q Workshop

Q Workshop made a great set for those who love the translucent style. The design is great and has much better readability than the steampunk black/white dice by Q workshop that I used to list here. These dice, while having engravings, are much more easier to read and you can clearly see which number the dice landed on.

This steampunk dice set has very good accuracy and is unbiased while the material is quite durable. On top of that they have a unique style that can be combined with a lot of character builds, spells and etc.

The paint is engraved and it will not wear easily. This set of dice will last you quite a while.

11. Blue And Black Dice – Full Polyhedral Set – by Chessex

This is another great set from Chessex with beautiful looks and very good quality.

The blue-black design with dark color gradients is great for the dark elves builds or those who have some mystical traits hiding behind their initial simple appearance.

I also love the readability here. The font is golden with a simple sharp tone which makes it stand out from the die color. These are great for the poorly illuminated rooms.

It is made with a high degree of accuracy and it will land unbiased results.

12. Frosted Clear Polyhedral 7-Die Dice for Dungeons and Dragons

I couldn’t exclude this set because of its affordability and pretty good quality. They are fairly cheap considering how good they look.

I loved the frosted looks paired with the black color font. It makes for a great design that will allow for great readability even in the not well illuminated room. You will not need a lot of light for the instant recognition of the number which it landed on.

This d&d dice set also has pretty good accuracy and it shouldn’t cause any biased results.

I think that it is a great cheaper option for the people on the budget who are looking for something really special.

Best Bulk Dice Sets

I know that many people prefer to buy their sets in bulk and following I have chosen the best dice sets when buying in bulk.

These are the best options but still buying in bulk can never be as good as buying set per set because you may get some chipped or scratched ones. But don’t get me wrong, buying in bulk is also a good option and especially if you are not obsessed with the quality as I am.

However, if you are buying from a quality store you will get good results. Below I will link the pound o dice from chessex which are sold by awesome dice. This should cover you when it comes to quality.

Most of the time you will get dice of good quality but as you will see yourself some of the dice from the package may not be as good. Still all of the dice will be usable and of decent quality.

13. Pound o Dice by Chessex sold by Awesome dice

This is your best bet at getting the quality Dungeon and Dragon bulk dice. The pack contains a full pound of dice from Chessex and it is probably the best way to substantially increase your dice collection if you are on a budget.

The pack will contain roughly around 100 pieces but the number will vary. There will be pieces of high Chessex quality and those that are not as pretty. Still, the value is there because for this price you won’t get a full pound of dice anywhere.

I Highly recommend this bulk package.

14. PAXCOO 7 x 7 (49 Pieces) Polyhedral Dice with Pouches for Dungeons and Dragons

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This is one of the better options when buying multiple sets as you will most of the time get all of them in good condition.

You will get 7 sets with different colors and this is very good if you need various colors for various builds and spells.

I also like how they provide 24 months warranty and 48 days money back guarantee which is kind of nice considering that there are people like me who take their dice very seriously. I love that they can offer me some comfort in case that the sets come damaged or something like that.

15. Wiz Dice Series II 100+ Pack of Random Polyhedral Dice – 15 Guaranteed Sets of Random Colors

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This is one of the best bulk d&d dice sets because you will get over one hundred dice in total of 15 guaranteed sets.

They will all come in various colors so this is a great option for someone who needs bunch of differently colored dice.

Additional dice you might like

These are some special dice which come in handy when playing the Dungeons and Dragons or other Role playing games.

16. Bescon Complete Polyhedral Set of Dice 13pcs D3-D100, 100 Sides – Opaque Black

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This complete set includes one D3, one D4, one D6, one D8, one D10, one D%, one D12, one D20, one D24, one D30, one D50, one D60, and one D100.

I like this set because it is affordable and of pretty good quality. It will give you some of the bigger dice like D60 and D100 which can be costly if purchased separately considering that in this set you will get a regular d&d dice as well.

17. Sixty-Sided D60 Metal Dice for Dungeons and Dragons by IvyFieldDice – 36mm

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I love this die. It is big and very heavy, like 160 grams heavy.

You also have to be very careful with the surface you roll this thing on as it is made from metal and it is heavy and hard. It is an awesome die to have in your collection and as with the D100 it can be used in many ways to make the game more fun.

It is very well made and it is unbiased.


Picking your d&d dice is subjective but consider also the quality and the readability too. I hope that you learned something new about the dice in this guide and if you did please share it with your friends.

Enjoy playing your adventures and rolling the dice! May the best adventurer win!

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