Speed Cube Lubrication and Best Cube Lubes in 2024

Lubricating speedcube

There are various lubrications you can use on your cube but some of them are dangerous and can damage your cube. I will list the best lubes for Rubik’s cubes and which ones you should use depending on what you wish to achieve.

Now without further ado lets see which cube lube is right for you.

What does lube do for a Rubik’s cube?

As you already probably know by now the speedcubes characteristics are a subjective thing and they can be adjusted to a certain extent by lubing or tensioning your cube.

Lubing your cube will help you make it faster or smoother depending on what you need. More speed or more control. This will depend on the viscosity of the lubricant.

What is cube lubricant made of?

The cube lube is a part of the silicon family lubrications and they are the best lubes for the plastic the speed cubes are made of because they will not dissolve or in any way damage the plastic material.

Pro tip for absolute beginners:
There are various lubrications you can use but it is generally recommended to use Silicon based lubricants or PFPE-Based lubes because they are safest for the cube materials.

However, there are other lubricants like oil based ones. These are not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing. WD-40 is not recommended because it will damage the cube in most cases and even if you get a mild plastic damage it will probably affect your speedsolving so it beats the purpose.

Other oil based lubricant used by cubers is Vaseline (petroleum jelly). However, it is usually applied to very stiff cubes and it should be removed after about a week or two because there are chances that it will weaken the plastic.

Overall, if you don’t want to experiment and if you are not sure what you are doing it is best to just use silicon or PFPE based lubricators.

How to lube a speed cube

You will need to fully disassemble your speedcube and apply the lubricant to the core of your cube. You should apply denser lubes to the core but this also depends on what you like.

On the edge pieces, it is best to apply some watery lube so that you get the most speed out of it. However, if you need more control and want to get smoother feeling than your cube originally offers then you need denser cube lubricant.

If it is your first time you may be scared of disassembling of the cube but it is a very simple process. I can break it apart and fix it together in less than a minute (minus the lubing part).

This is a great video showing you exactly how to lubricate your speedcube:

If your cube was previously lubricated with the Vaseline you must clean it first before applying any other cube lube.

I like to take a tissue and wipe clean every piece of the cube before I apply the lube. It is not a necessity but it keeps my mind at ease by knowing the pieces were clean prior to lube application.

Best Speed Speed Cube lubes:

  1. Maru Lube 10 Ml Silicone Oil

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Maru silicone oil lubricant is a watery type lubricant. It is an excellent choice if you wish to speed up your speedcube and it will get the job done with just one or two drops of it.

The lube lasts pretty long and you don’t need to re-apply it very often. This lube will give you excellent performance but be careful not to over lube with this one.

The bottle is shaped like a dropper so you don’t need any syringe to apply the lube.

  1. Lubix Puzzle Lubricant

Lubix is one of the best lubricants currently on the market. It comes in a syringe and with a nozzle for when you need to apply it.

It is known to last very long time so if you have only a few puzzles you should get the 5cc version but if you have a lot of puzzles feel free to go for their 10cc size.

The Lubix lube is going to give you increased speed and a great smooth feeling of your cube. Definitely recommended.

  1. Traxxas 5137 Differential Oil, 50K Weight

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This Silicon based differential oil was made for RC cars however it is an excellent lubricant for speedcubes.

The 50K mark in its title represents its viscosity which will provide you with great smooth feeling while also giving your speedcube a lot of speed.

The bottle has a nozzle with a tip so in order to get the lube out you should just squeeze it and direct the lube flow where you want it.

  1. CRC Heavy Duty Silicone Spray Lubricant

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This is one of the best cube lubes in spray form. It is a very good lubricant but it will dry out soon so it should be reapplied often. But since it is in spray form it is easier to apply it.

However please note that when applying this spray, you have to avoid skin contact because it can irritate it.

  1. T-Minus One™ Speed Cube Oil 5ml PFPE

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This is a Perfluoropolyether based speed cube and it is one of the best lubes you can find. Perfluoropolyethers are a class of synthetic oils used mostly in the aerospace industry because of their extreme resistance to other chemicals and temperatures.

This lubricant provides you with non-damaging benefits of silicon based lubricants but with the addition of lasting much longer because of its low evaporation rates.

It will provide you with great speed and smoothness thus giving you more control.


The lubes listed here are the ones that I like and I think do their job the way they suppose to. However, there are a lot of other lubes available and you should choose the one which you will need for what you wish to achieve with your speed cube.

You can’t really go wrong by going with Lubix or any other listed here so if you are a beginner at speed cubing and you are not yet sure which lube is right for you then feel free to check these out.

7 thoughts on “Speed Cube Lubrication and Best Cube Lubes in 2024”

  1. I used hand cream to lube my cubes but that actually turned out to be a bad idea because the hand cream hardens over time in the core. I got that silicone spray and it works magic for my weilong ????

  2. I think that the silicone type are the best. I always used silicon lubes and never had a better behaving cube.
    I tried many other types but that just wasn’t it and I didn’t like how cube would feel either immediately or after some time.
    I never tried that T-Minus one cube lube so I ordered it now and hopefully I will like it and maybe even better than how I liked silicon type lubes.

  3. Traxxas 50k oil is definitely the best choice for lubing your cubes. I didn’t try others but as far as I see it and understand it, it is definitely the best option. Also it is not by accident that so many cubers I network with use it to lube their cubes.

    • Hi Johnny,
      Many cubers opt for Traxxas oil but I do know others who prefer some other lubes.
      There are really a lot of lubes for cubes but in this list, I listed some of the most popular ones and the best ones overall.


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