I love playing games! Anything from PC games to the Roleplaying tabletop games which are of course my favorite because it is a group activity with friends.

On HobbyInspired I will write a lot about my favorite games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Catan, Card games and others. Here I will share what I have learned over the years and will review the games themselves.

Hopefully, you will learn something new and may even try out a new hobby!

Dungeons and Dragons:

Guide to D&D 5e Adventures (Officially Premade Campaigns)

This is the biggest DnD 5e guide to date. I have covered every official module including the latest additions by the wizards of the coast. In this article, you will find the description of the campaigns and their reviews. I have tried my best only to touch on the storylines and to avoid any specific spoilers.

Top 17 Best D&D Dice Sets Reviews [2019 Buyer’s Guide]

In this massive guide, I wrote you will learn everything you need to know about dnd dice. From dice fairness and accuracy to the materials and how they influence the game. After you read the guide you will find the reviews of the best dice I believe in and hopefully you will find some great sets that work for you.