How Does D&D Help Kids Develop Social And Emotional Skills

The article below is written by Cameron Wright:

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Teachers, educators, club organizers, and parents from across the world are starting to become more aware of the benefits that playing Dungeons and Dragons provides kids. These benefits are some of the main reasons I started, but more on that later.

Over the last 40 years the love of this game has spread from generation to generation. Today, kids as young as 6 years old play the game. Kids not only play Dungeons and Dragons at home with their family and friends, but also enjoy the game in school. Even in my home town in Arkansas, my highschool has had a Dungeons and Dragons club for the past several years.

Over time, adults that run D&D games for their school clubs have started to notice the positive influence the game has had on children.

How Dungeons & Dragons Helps Kids:

Dungeons and Dragons has been proven to help kids across the world develop social and emotional skills.

This is a game where players can come together and problem-solve to overcome the diversity of challenges. This cooperative game helps kids have a since of belonging in their group.

Some of the benefits of Dungeons and Dragons can be seen at the table among kids such as a kind word shared or helping a fellow player accomplish a goal in-game.

Kids develop real relationships with other people in their DnD group. This cooperation can turn the quietest kid into someone who is more open and confident.

The Story of Cameron

I have been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons for many years. A couple months ago, a man named Greg wrote a Facebook post asking if anyone knew about any kid-friendly adventures that he could run for his kid’s D&D group at school. Having been a Dungeon Master for years, and having been a teacher myself, I have had experience with writing adventures and teaching young children.

I decided to help Greg try writing him and his students an adventure. My experiences with playing Dungeons and Dragons have always had more adult themes so writing a kid-friendly adventure presented me with a fun and unique challenge. After roughly 25 hours of writing, I finished my first adventure called “Wizard Bonbon and the Castle of Sucre” and sent it to Greg.

After learning how happy he and his kids were to receive this adventure, I decided to ask around and see if anyone else could use kid-friendly adventures. Helping and providing other people with my adventures is as easy as adding them to a mailing list and sending out the adventure upon completion. The response I got was overwhelmingly positive.

Over the next month I spent around 4-5 hours a day every day before work writing free kid-friendly Dungeons and Dragons adventures for any teacher, educator, club leader, or parent that could use them for their games with kids. Now, I have five completed adventures, over 120 pages of content, for anyone to download. I have also created a website dedicated to providing people with free kid-friendly Dungeons and Dragons resources.

The website is

My name is Cameron Wright and if you, or anyone you know, need access to free kid-friendly Dungeon and Dragons adventure resources then please email me at If you want to know when I release the latest adventure or resource, please email me so I can add you to my mailing list.

Thank you for reading.

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