Metal Dice Care – How To Clean And Store Them

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Purchasing metal dice has become a popular accessory item for players in the Dungeons and Dragons gaming community. Newcomers may want to use their cheaper, plastic counterparts until they become a full-fledged member of this cherished society.

Metal dice is the perfect addition to the Dungeons and Dragons gaming experience. Why? Well, the advantages of using them is they’re sturdy and durable enough to provide long-lasting memories. The make of theirs will improve every player’s gaming experience as the numbers are engraved onto the metal surface and large enough for all participants to read.

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Carrying And Storing Metal Dices

One of the biggest inquiries about Dungeons and Dragons metal dice care is how to store them when you aren’t playing the tabletop game. Ideally, you want to store your dice in a dry, soft container. Most players will choose either a velvet bag or a study box that is lined with a foam interior. If the container doesn’t have any type of padding, then the chances are likely that you will chip the dice during the storage process.

If you like to keep them in a velvet bag, then you better come up with a course of action to restrict their movement while in transit. The best approach is placing each die into a separate piece of cloth as this guarantees they won’t touch one another inside the velvet bag. Also, it prevents any scratches or scruff marks forming on the metal surface.

On Which Surface To Roll Them On

It isn’t smart to play Dungeons and Dragons on a wooden or tile table as metal dice are heavier than standard plastic ones as the hard surface could dull their sharp corners. It’s better to play on a surface that doesn’t impact the condition of the metal dice or the top of your expensive table.

To extend their life, it’s smart to use a soft mat (one that looks like an oversized mouse pad) or a dicing tray when playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. The interior of the tray should be approximately 8.5×11” surface area. The reason for this is protecting your metal set from the wear-and-tear of playing the tabletop game.

How To Clean Your Metal Dice

Before playing Dungeons and Dragons, it’s smart to wipe them clean with a soft, lint-free cloth by removing dust, hand grease and any condensation that may have formed on the surface. If you fail to keep a cleaning schedule, then the dice’s surface area becomes susceptible to discoloring over time.

Also, long-time Dungeons and Dragons players understand that to preserve the condition of their metal dice, it will require a thorough cleaning process. You begin by placing a small amount of hand soap onto a wet cleaning rag. Work the soap into a lather before applying it on the surface, then quickly rinse the soap off the metal surface with cool water. Immediately, dry them off with a non-abrasive towel in order to avoid damaging the surface.

Ideally, if you’re a regular player of Dungeons and Dragons, then purchasing a metal set is a wise investment. The main reason is the longevity of the product, but they aren’t indestructible either.

A purchase of this nature, you will need to guard against any deterioration because it could affect the outcome of your game. Take the time to clean and inspect them before and after each Dungeons and Dragons game, so you can continue playing effectively. It’s the best approach to preserving their life span.

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