14 Best Board Games For Couples For Fun Date Night in 2021

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The board game market is flooded and even that is putting it lightly. It is a real chore to go through all of the available games and figure out the best board games for couples. Mainly because not all of them will work for couples due to their mechanics.

Board games are not that expensive but your date night is very important so you really shouldn’t buy something that is not going to fulfill its purpose. If you are new to board games in general then that can easily happen. (For example, you could buy a game meant for more players or a game that is for two but is overly exhausting).

That is why in this huge guide you will find some of the most fun board games for couples. These games will help you and your partner have a wonderful time. Most of them can be replayed over and over again so they are a great investment and they are tested and loved by the board game community.

I truly believe that playing board games with your significant other is one of the best ways to connect, relax, remove the armor and be yourself. You can get to know each other better and have the most spontaneous moments that will make some of your best memories.

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s jump in!

Best Board Games For Couples Reviews:

1. Hive

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The number one game I would recommend is the Hive. Oddly enough this game doesn’t have its own board but you “make one” while playing as you lay out the pieces.

There are many games on this list and some of them have more of a romantic feel to them. This is not one of those but what it does offer is a great and fun experience for two players.

The number one reason why I think highly of Hive is its simplicity. It is easy to understand but very challenging. You can play it an infinite number of times and it is simple to carry with you. You can easily pop this out in your local pub and have a go during your date.

The timeframe of a single game is short enough for no one to get bored and you can always start another game if you would like.

Hive is a game based on strategy and logic just like chess only very different in its mechanics. It is based on the various insects and each of them has their rules on how they move.

The whole point of the game is to surround the queen bee of the other player and to protect your own. Simple enough!

A very entertaining and challenging option for couples. However, it doesn’t have that whole romantic atmosphere to it. Not all of the games on the list do but I included those as well. The reason being is that a lot of couples are together for a long time and as people usually do, they become friends, and games like Hive are awesome in letting them be as friendly and romantic as their pace needs.

2. Fog of Love Board Game

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Fog of Love is a very different kind of a board game. It is not for everyone in my opinion but if you like what you read here then you should probably check it out.

For starters, this board game needs you to be open to roleplaying and character building as you will be playing as a person that is not always going to be hand in hand with your own persona. It is helpful to disassociate from your own persona by playing the opposite gender.

Now let’s get into the game itself.

You and your significant other will play, create and develop two characters that meet and fall in love. What follows is the plethora of challenges that you will face depending on the characters you are role playing. Keep in mind that you will be role playing because that is the point of the game.

This role play element is very welcome from my point of view and I love the game. However, I am accustomed to RPGs from my Dungeons and Dragons experiences.

This game will keep you laughing, engaged and oftentimes place you in awkward (but in a good, entertaining way) situations and you will be trying to keep the relationship going.

This game can be played over and over again and you will always have a different experience because the love story can unfold in so many directions.

Another thing worth mentioning is how awesome the design is. It is minimal but also very engaging.

3. Patchwork

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Patchwork is a really interesting and unique game. I would also say that it is quite artistic too and will be very interesting to people who love creating something unique each time they play it.

In this fun board game for couples, you will be competing in the creation of the most beautiful quilt. The game is very easy to understand but at the same time, it is different each time you play. The session is short enough and just like the Hive, you can replay it again and continue having fun while giving your date a chance for a rematch.

The game is about making a beautiful quilt from fabric leftovers. So you will be patching a quilt with uneven pieces in an effort to make a better quilt than your opponent.

But don’t be fooled. This game has its mechanics and rules in order to determine who is the winner. The rules are generally simple to learn and understand.

This is a great game for new people in the whole board game world. So if you are looking for a board game that will sit well with your partner that doesn’t have experience then this just might be the choice.

4. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

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Let’s now get into some mystery genre. And something that doesn’t offer a quick game match.

Sherlock Holmes board game is a fantastic piece of art when it comes to the board games in general. I love it and most gamers love it despite the fact that it will cause you to lose the last of your nerves. It is just so entertaining and it hooks you to it. I don’t know how else to put it.

The game consists of 10 cases and it is your goal to solve them and try and score as many points as possible. This is a really well thought out game and these cases are not easy. You will have to work hard to solve them and that is where all the fun is.

It is the perfect board game for couples who love to solve things, love mystery, logic and deduction.

You will be interviewing the suspects and informants, checking out newspapers, finding clues, searching for every trace of evidence in order to decipher the mystery. Overall an amazing experience.

However, you must know that this game is played only once. Once you solve all of the cases you can’t replay it as you already know how it ends. Sure you can replay it years down the line after you forget most of it but when it is all said and done this is a onetime play game.

Still, considering that each of the 10 cases needs about 3 hours to be solved you are looking at about ten date nights of play. Considering the quality of the game and the long time it takes to complete it all, I think that it is worth its price.

This game is an excellent choice for bonding with someone who loves the detective mystery genre. You will work on something that is very challenging. This means that you will have to communicate, work together and be deeply involved in the process and this will in turn have you bond further and form great date night memories.

5. Onitama

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Onitama is another very simple but entertaining and engaging game. It is an abstract game like chess but it is easier to learn and play. The gameplay is short and it doesn’t require a lot of space which is good for a date at the coffee shop or a pub.

In Onitama players control four martial artists and their master. The whole point is to wipe out the opponent’s team or to infiltrate their temple. Player’s pieces moves are determined by cards and there is only 5 cards that are used in a game.

Each player starts with two cards and their team. It is played on the 5×5 board. The fifth card is placed in the middle and can’t be used by either player. During a turn, the player chooses a card (of their own) and moves one of their team members as the card instructs it. After their turn, they replace the fifth card with the card they just used. The second player then does the same and it’s rinse and repeat until one of you wins.

The whole game is very simple but it takes strategy and it allows for endless replayability. It is probably one of the best two player board games that were ever made. In a nutshell, it is easy to learn, short to play and it can be played an infinite number of times, has a beautiful design and well thought out rules all while being quite affordable.

6. Game for Couples LOOPY

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This is a game board that is quite literally made for adults. If you are looking for a game that can go there then this is probably one of the great choices. This all depends on what you and your partner are into and are you even into such games.

The good thing about this board game is that it has levels to it and you don’t have to go any further than trying out different conversations or simple intimate stuff but you can always level up and go for the naughty stuff.

It is quite entertaining and it will have you laughing and loving each other. It is mostly meant for couples who want the board games to help them with romance and physical connection by helping you relax and try new things.

You should definitely check out the images in the Amazon reviews to see some of the extents of how far the game can go (if you decide to go that far). Just to be sure that you are fine with it. I can’t go into more detail in the article but the game is linked for you to check out if you came to the article looking for something like this.

7. Jaipur

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Jaipur is a very simple and elegant board game with the theme of market trading. It also has a unique twist to it. The main point is buying and selling goods but you can also herd a big number of camels and use them to manipulate the marketplace.

The game is intuitive and easy to learn. You will have fun while at the same time being relaxed and you won’t have to think very hard while playing it. If you are both tired after a long day of work and want something that has a seemingly complex structure but is actually relaxing and easy to play then this may be a great choice.

While you are pitted against your opponent, it doesn’t make you be aggressive at bringing them down. Its highly unlikely that this board game can make any hard feelings even if it is of competitive type. It is just not a game where you are like a rouge trying to defeat your opponent. Ideal for dates.

The game can be replayed and each time you will learn some new strategy to try and win in the end. It is also short in play and the initials setup is not complex.

Jaipur won many awards, it is widely loved by the board game community, is affordable and can offer hundreds of fun times.

8. The Fox in the Forest

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This game is straight up a masterpiece in my humble opinion. Also, I happen to love animals and especially foxes so that may have skewed my opinion a bit but it is generally accepted as a perfect two player card game.

But is this not all about board games? Well, please let me present this first and then you can skip it if you are hell bent on board only options.

First of all, it has a very small footprint. You can easily take this with you wherever you are going to have your date. Second, it has an absolutely beautiful design. I couldn’t be more flabbergasted by it. Who could possibly say no to the beautiful fox on a card? Maybe it’s just me and my obsession with the games like these but I have a feeling that I am not the only one.

The story has a beautiful fairy tale fantasy theme and it revolves around the players seeking to gain the trust of a witch. The witch decided to gift half of the kingdom to whoever would defeat the monsters and that is where you come in. Don’t worry the Fox is also in there.

This is a trick taking game for two players. You are both playing cards to defeat one another over the course of multiple rounds.

The game is simple and very entertaining. A single session is short but it probably won’t be enough as you will be asking for another as soon as you are done.

9. Carcassonne Board Game

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Carcassonne is a proven classic board game with the mechanics of tile placement and area control. It can be played by more than two people but it best if played with just two players. An excellent choice for couples.

The whole idea revolves around placing tiles to construct the city of Carcassonne. Basically, you will be building roads, cloisters, farms, land areas and the city in general. You will also be placing a meeple on the parts you placed which will score you points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is a winner.

This is a game that you can play viciously or friendly and relaxed. That is especially good for couples as most of you will be playing a game to have fun with one another.

This tends to be the first board game for a lot of people and in my opinion, it is a decent gateway option. It is easy to learn (even small children play it), very fun and can be replayed as many times as you would like to. The game has a medium timeframe so you should count that you will need about an hour for it.

If you like the theme of it then you should definitely try it. It won’t disappoint you.

10. Fields of Arle

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Fields of Arle is a masterpiece of its genre which is a worker placement board game. It was designed by Uwe Rosenberg. He is one of the world’s most famous board game designers and dare I say, this is his best one or at least in my opinion.

This is a game designed for a single player or two players which works for you. It is an incredibly wholesome and a beautiful game with the goal of running a beautiful little village of Arle in the 18th century.

You will work on the village to make it better by taking care of multiple tasks like, breeding the animals, plowing the farmland, constructing buildings in the village and so on. This game will really make you feel like a farmer from that era.

You will need to clear the fields in order to build stables for the cattle, build a barn for the travel wagon and etc. You will also experience real happiness from having born another cow because it just feels so warm, wholesome and immersive to run a farm. Everything is well thought out and it just fits together perfectly.

The game is not difficult to learn but it has a complex structure. The board is big and it can appear intimidating with a lot bits that you will find in the box. But rest assured that it all comes together and once you start playing it will be intuitive.

The Fields of Arle is really something special that should be played with someone you love and someone with who you can be vulnerable and show your caring side for the animals, the village and the whole beauty of the setup.

11. Lost Cities

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Lost Cities is a board game with an exploration theme. The object is to gain points by making profitable archaeological expeditions to the different lost city sites. Every player has their explorers which they guide on up to five expeditions.

The game is a combination of the board and cards which are essential for the advancements. During your turn, in order to advance towards the expedition path, you must play the card that has the same color as the expedition of your choice (each has a different color). During your following turn, you must play a card with an equal or higher value to the previous card played on that path.

The rules are well explained and easy to grasp. I especially like that the game has a guide on how to vary the gameplay and the instructions on how to shorten the time span of a single play.

It has very nice and vivid graphics. The design may appear too “saturated” for some people but overall it is very rich in detail.

12. Flash Point Fire Rescue

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This is an awesome cooperative board game that plays well with two players. Cooperative means that you and your partner are on the same team and trying to defeat the game itself. That means no hard feelings if things go sideways.

The whole point of the game is that you are the firefighters and you are trying to save the day. The game is really well thought out and it is quite challenging. Makes you feel like a real hero if you win it. There is lots of tension, twists and action in it. It won’t be easy saving the people.

The theme can be very romantic with you and your significant other fighting through the fire to save everyone and do a good deed. You two working together against the tragedy is what makes this one of the best board games for couples.

It is relatively simple to learn and the duration of a single game is short so win or lose you can easily jump in a another round. The replay value is high as no game will be completely the same. It offers 3 difficulty settings and it comes with the two rule sets so that you can modify the experience to an extent. A very welcome features in my opinion.

13. Azul Board Game

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Azul is a fantastic option for couples and also for the whole family. It won Spiel des Jahres award in 2018 which is one of the most prestigious awards a board game can get. It is a tile drafting game in which you will be building specific Portuguese style wall patterns.

Azul is about the Moorish art of decorating the walls of the Royal Palace of Dvora. So basically, you and your partner will be competing in who can make the most beautiful combination of tiles on the walls. You will have to carefully consider and plan ahead your moves in order to score more points and improve the beauty of your work.

The game sounds simple but it becomes complex as it progresses. Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors as this is one serious game that will keep you very engaged. Once you really get into it and gain experience you will see just how deeply you will start planning your strategy.

You will score points for filling rows and columns, placing tiles one next to another and collecting complete sets of tiles.

The game doesn’t take up too much space but it is still probably better if played at home or somewhere where you are certain that you will have enough room.

14. Splendor

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Splendor is also a great recommendation for your Valentine’s day board games or for any other date. It is a merchant simulator with excellent mechanics that make it really entertaining and engaging.

Its set in the Renaissance period and you are a merchant trying to become the best in your business. You will be buying gem mines, shops, transportation and etc. in order to become the very best.

You will experience the atmosphere of the European Renaissance era and how the new global trade routes changed everything. The entrepreneurial spirit will flow through your veins and as the game progresses it will only get more and more competitive.

The whole economy of the game is simple but challenging. The rules are also not very complex but they offer a lot of replayability before you get bored of it. I would recommend this game for couples who like competing one another and who find joy and fun in it.

Benefits of Fun Board Games For Couples

image of two people holding hands

Now that I listed the best board games for couples let us talk a little about why you should consider playing some of them with your spouse or date.

Well, first of all you wouldn’t be reading this far if you weren’t interested. I get that.

But, maybe you didn’t think about the depth of the effect board games can have on your relationship and overall your lives.

So here are my thoughts on it.

They will help you let loose and open up

If you are already a married couple or in a long term relationship then you probably won’t experience this benefit. However, if you have been seeing someone for a short time then playing board games will definitely help both of you let loose.

People are naturally defensive.

Its tough to laugh naturally unless you have a reason to laugh naturally. Board games could be that reason or some other activity but here we are talking about them specifically. Through fun and good times you will start communicating with your date as yourself which is what they mean when they say “just be yourself”.

You will get to know each other

image of couple board games figurines

Again, if you are in a long term relationship this may not be the case. But even in that case, you may learn something about your partner that you didn’t know before.

Being in a board game scenario with predetermined rules will put you in a certain situation depending on the theme of the game. Since you never been with that person in such a scenario you could see how they are thinking and possibly what are their outlooks on life. Are they prone to risk taking? Are they overly careful? Do they get upset when things don’t go their way? A lot of such characteristics can be seen while playing a date night board game.

It will help you spark the relationship again

If things have not been going well in your case then trying a fun board game for couples is something that will bring you together. It gives you something both to do where you are both engaged and it is different than whatever the reason is why things are not working out.

For this, I would recommend a cooperative board game or something that is not overly competitive. You want something that will help heal your connection before you start tackling whatever the problem is.

It will improve your bond

image of two hands

A study published in 2019 examined the oxytocin aka love hormone released during the different recreational activities in couples. Mainly art class and board games. The study concluded that all activities released oxytocin in all groups.

That is why playing top board games for couples will result in more bonding and further strengthening your love life. This is not to say that board games are the only way to do it or even the best way to do it. But since you are reading this you are obviously interested and you should know that board games can help you in strengthening your bond.

It will improve your memory and strategy response

Besides couple only benefits, playing board games in general is a healthy activity. It will help in keeping your memory and your gray matter sharp.

Thinking a few moves ahead and strategizing is something that will help you in a lot of areas in your life. Chess is not the only board game that improves your logical abilities. Every board game does so. Some do it better than others which is why you should play those that are the best and interesting to you.


In this list of the best board games for couples, I listed what I think are the most appropriate titles. There are of course hundreds of others. There are more board games out there than there is time in your life to try them all out. Not all of them are good and definitely, not all of them are appropriate for couples.

It is best if you and your partner together take a look at the list and see what would you both like. If on another hand you are planning a surprise for them then think about what would they like.

Also think about the competitiveness of the game. Some of the game on the list are more competitive than others and I noted which games are cooperative (not competitive at all) and those that are less competitive like Jaipur for an example. Sometimes you might want to steer away from the highly competitive titles.

The atmosphere of the board game can be quite important as well. Fox in the forest has a beautiful theme to it, Sherlock Holmes too or the Fog of Love. You should also think about the time frame of a single game so that you could have enough time to offer a rematch. It is only fair to offer it if the other side loses.

These are my concluding words. Please feel free to share this article with your soulmate or your friends and family if it was helpful in making a board game choice.