GAN 356 XS Review in 2020

image of the GAN 356 XS Cube

GAN is a cube manufacturer known for their superiority on the market and in this GAN 356 XS review, you will learn everything about this cube and why it is an excellent choice.

GAN 356 XS is a flagship cube by GAN and it is meant for pro cubing but everyone can use it of course.

GAN 356 XS is a magnetic 3×3 puzzle that offers the most adjustability among the 3×3’s while at the same time offering superior performance.

Now lets dive deeper in the review.

GAN 356XS Specifications:

  • 3×3 puzzle
  • Weight 67g
  • GAN 356 XS Size is 56mm
  • Stickered/Stickerless
  • Plastics are frosted on stickerless model
  • Half bright stickers on the stickered model
  • All plastic core
  • Cube is magnetized with adjustable magnets

The box includes:

  • GAN bag
  • Spare stickers (if you get stickered model)
  • GAN Accessories
  • Instructions
  • GAN 356 XS VIP card
  • Short printed tutorial for solving the cube
  • Elasticity stick and GES v5
  • Cube itself of course


image of the adjustment system

The  GAN 356 XS is one of the most adjustable puzzles that were ever made. It features the GAN’s GES pro dual elasticity system. This system is composed of dual numerical IPG, six levels of GTN and a numerical variable nut. In a nut shell (pun intended), this system allows you to separately control 6 levels of elasticity and 4 levels of nut distances in your center caps.

On top of this the magnets are adjustable. This is a new feature that the GAN introduced with this line of cubes. The magnets are placed on each corner piece and are easily accessible for adjustment. You modify their strength just by moving them with your finger in one of the 3 predefined settings. Strong, medium or weak.

Most of these adjustments are done without tools.

When you combine the elasticity, compression and magnet adjustments you get a whopping 72 combinations that you can make. Add lubes to that and you get a puzzle that can be tailored to anyone’s desires.

GAN 356 XS Speedcubing quality and feel

This puzzle is easily one of the best on the market right now at the time of this writing (year 2020) but my projection is that it will stay in a hall of fame long after it is going to be replaced by an even better puzzle in the future. That’s how good it is right now.

When it comes to the feel and the turning characteristics are tough to talk about considering how much you can modify it to fit your needs. But regardless of that there are some consistencies that you will experience without much difference depending on the settings.

Speed and control:
This 3×3 has immense speed. It is so fast that I have yet to see a faster cube. It is no wonder that Felix Zemdegs used this puzzle to break a world record in 2019 for the average solve.

Having a fast puzzle is great but what about the control? Surprisingly it is incredibly stable as well. Especially on the tighter settings. The puzzle doesn’t break algorithm execution, it doesn’t overshoot or block up or any of that nonsense. Which is ofcorse expected at this quality but it is worth noting that.

The corner cutting is excellent and so is the reverse corner cutting.

The feel of the puzzle is buttery smooth with a distinct premium GAN feel. If you had a GAN cube before you will know what I am talking about. Inner parts of the corners and edges have a honeycomb texture which is responsible for the beautiful smooth feel this puzzle offers.

Are you searching for more speed cubes?

Maybe this 3×3 isn’t for you or you would like to learn about the current top choices on the market. If so follow the link and it will take you to my guide where I list and review the top choices for speedcubing today and provide you with an indepth guide on how to actually choose one. What is important and what needs less of your attention.


In conclusion I would like to say that this is a premium cube by a premium brand. You cant go wrong with the GAN 356 XS. It will not disappoint you, annoy you, pop up on you or anything like that. What it will do is however make your cubing experience really nice and smooth and allow you to modify the puzzle to your liking.

This cube is currently among the expensive 3×3’s which is usual for GAN cubes but its price might drop in the future as new cubes get released. However, we are at the point where no matter how much better some future new speedcube might be, you probably don’t need any better than this as it is close to perfection. So as these puzzles get cheaper hopefully, everyone will be able to get this quality for their speedcubing.