Benefits of solving the Rubik’s cube

Most of us cubers decided to engage in this hobby out of curiosity and because we love puzzles. It’s just the way we are.

But did you know about all of the benefits solving the Rubik’s cube has?

In order to solve a Rubiks cube you can be of any age as long as you are cognitively capable. This means that if you are a very advanced 3 years old you can do it same as if you are 99 years old with enough cognitive power left to stay in the moment and know what you are doing.

But it is not all about cognitive power because it takes patience and the will. And that’s what makes all the difference. Like everything in life, if you want to be able to do it, you have to dedicate as much as it is needed for you to be able to do it.

Below are just some of the benefits of solving the rubiks cube and speedcubing. You will definitely experience some additional benefits if you are into speedcubing but this is not to say that if you are a puzzle lover who takes its time with solving the cube that you won’t reap any benefits. It depends mostly on what is your approach to this hobby.

Benefits of solving the Rubik’s cube:

It helps with improving memory

It depends if you are solving the cube without any algorithms and guides or using those for help. Either way you will be practicing improving your memory. Especially muscle memory.

This is very useful because you want your muscle memory to be top notch if you are a driver or if you play musical instruments like a piano for example.

Learning the ways of solving the cube improves patience

Once you take the scrambled cube for the first time in your hands it will test your perseverance.

Even the beginner method is not that simple for many people but those who are persistent and patient will manage to learn it eventually. Once you start practicing more complex methods like Roux and F2L it will take even more patience.

It helps become a problem solver

Sure, if you just learn known methods to solve a rubiks cube you won’t benefit much in terms of becoming a better problem solver but if you, as many cubers do, start figuring out your own ways of solving the cube it will help you become more creative with doing things.

It helps with mapping of the things

Learning the algorithms means memorizing step by step moves and in a particular order. There is usually no mistake allowed with algorithms. This will train your brain to memorize and map things in their order.

It keeps the mind active

Like any puzzle, the Rubik’s cube will keep your brain cells active and it doesn’t matter if you are a speedsolver or just a puzzle lover. When cubing, your brain will be active which will keep its cognitive functions in shape.

Speedcubing makes your reflexes faster

Having good reflexes means more fun with your cat too

If you start speedsolving which is basically trying to solve the cube as fast as possible you will at some point cross 3 moves per second which will sharpen your reflexes.

This is very useful in life and sometimes it can literally be a lifesaver.

I find It that not only are my reflexes a bit faster when it comes to using my hands but also with reading and spotting things with vision. That is because speedsolving requires you to see colors moving very fast and to perform the next move based on the colors moved before.

It will improve your fingers dexterity and agility

Having your fingers more agile and fast has some benefits like being able to type faster on your computer. If nothing else it will keep your fingers in shape and it may help with joint degeneration people of old age experience with fingers.

It is an awesome conversation starter

Most people will be dazzled when showing them the process of cube solving. I love showing my puzzles to my friends and then showing them ways to solve them.

Solving a cube can help break mild addictions

If you are trying to break any addiction giving yourself something to do and keep your hands and brain engaged is usually recommended. Solving a cube is one of the best things you can do to break any mild addiction like nail biting for an example. Just be careful as cubing is quite addictive too.

If you are dealing with any serious addictions I would not recommend puzzles as a solution. You should ask your specialist about it.

Which Speed Cube Should You Get?

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These are just some of the many benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube. But the main ones are entertainment and love you get for the hobby.

In my case, engaging in speedsolving has been life changing. One of the best hobbies I ever integrated as a part of my daily life because it helps me relax my overly excited brain and because of my love for puzzles and geometry.

7 thoughts on “Benefits of solving the Rubik’s cube”

  1. «These are just *come* of the many benefits of solving a Rubik’s cube.»

    Decent article. Just ordered my first cube (a GuoGuan YueXiao) and it’s definitely making me more interested in speed cubing.

    • Hi Andy,

      The GuoGuan’s YueXiao is an excellent choice for a beginner.

      I wish you happy speedcubing! This is really a beautiful hobby

  2. I love my cubes.. thats the biggest benefit for me. It gives me something to do which I truly enjoy. I am into speedcubing but only with 3×3’s. Other than that I love taking my skewb, ghost cubes, mirror cubes and megaminx and just to sit for hours with them, solving them and enjoying life

  3. I agree and would like to add that solving the rubiks cube is something that you can do at those moments when you are not productive like at the bus stop.
    It is an activity in which you dont have to invest anything other than your time and attention.

    When I first started this hobby that was probably about the time cube was invented and I found so many different ways to solve the cube.

    Now days I love my speedcubes like MoYu Weilong and I really got into speedsolving.. Now definitely noticing that my hands became quicker and I do type faster


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